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Why You Need To Reduce The Roles You Play In Your Business

How many different roles are you currently holding in your company? For most business owners, the answer is probably that you constantly jump in and out of many different roles, every day. In one moment you need to be the visionary CEO, then you need to close a sale, then develop new marketing strategies, and not to forget about customer service, bookkeeping and payroll.

The reality is that you being in all these different roles creates a lot of chaos, overwhelm and most importantly a level of complexity in your business that can be very stressful to your personal health and the health of the business.

As we all know, the situation described above is quite common in the early stages of a business. Usually driven by the passion of the owner and the restrictions of low start-up capital the business owner takes on a multitude of roles and performs almost all of the technical tasks related to the running of the business.

If you truly want to grow your business you must break the habit of doing everything yourself and adopt a different mindset. You need to understand and grow into your most important role of your business – the role of a leader.

One thing that differentiates a leader is the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. A leader’s job is to clearly hold the vision, articulate it and enroll people on the journey to its manifestation. As a leader you have to create the environment for your vision to manifest.

You can only truly do that if you start to delegate lower-value tasks. This is critical for the health of the business. Once you have delegated and let go of some of these technical tasks, you will not only experience more freedom, but you will create an environment that allows you to make the necessary decisions to grow your business.

The first step to breaking old habits and adopting a different mindset is by gaining awareness of the current situation. I would like to ask you the same question I asked before: How many roles do you currently play in your business?

Now, if you had to rate yourself on the quality of work you are performing when wearing these different hats, how well do you do? Are you sacrificing quality for quantity?

It’s important that you never loose sight of the fact that at the end the only role you want to play is that of the leader. Your visionary leadership, setting the direction and goals of the business, and holding others accountable for results are the critical areas you should focus on. All others tasks need to be given up, delegated, and let go of over time.

Your business will be easier to manage and more importantly it will have reached a stage where you could sell it or pass it on to the next generation. Instead of an owner-depended business you will have created a systems-dependent business and investors will pay generously for such a smooth running business on auto-pilot.

I invite you to take some time to see if it is time now to hire someone or at least outsource some of the technical or lower-value tasks to third-party vendors? And if you have employees already, see if there are people in your company right now who could do these technical tasks better than you?

In the end it is your decision. But the inevitable consequences of playing too many roles is that you are essentially working a very stressful job and are not able to reap the benefits of a successful business.

Simon Zryd, founder of Denver Business Coach, coaches driven small business owners to implement vital strategies in the areas of marketing, sales, time, team and system management, so they can finally have a business they love leading and a life they love living.

He works with fun and inspiring individuals who understand the power of commitment and are making, or are ready to make, a big impact in their community.

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