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Value Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction

Value Driver 7: Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is an obvious driver of business value, right? Obviously how satisfied are your customers is going to be important to a buyer.

Because again, when a buyer buys a company they're buying the future. So when you leave, ride off into the sunset, they're going to want to know how is this business going to be performing when you, the owner, is gone.

To drive up your score on this attribute you've got to really quantify, empirically, quantitatively, measure customer satisfaction.

Probably the most well liked, well respected, way to do that is something called a Net Promoter Score. You can google it later, but essentially you're measuring and benchmarking your performance on the likelihood that your customers are going to recommend you.

The more you have that data the more you'll know for your own peace of mind that your customers are satisfied. But for an acquirer, they will also be able to see that your customers are satisfied and likely to repurchase from you, which will lower the potential risk for the acquirer.

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