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Value Driver 1: Financial Performance

Value Driver 1: Financial Performance

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We discovered that there are these eight key drivers that drive the sell-ability of a company.

The first one is an easy one. It's easy to understand but it's actually very difficult to deliver your financial performance right. Essentially this Value Driver is made up your top line revenue and your bottom line profit.

The interesting thing about financial performance is that there is a second hidden element to it. It's not only what those numbers are but the quality of the reporting of those numbers.

To drive up your score, not only focus on your top line and your bottom line but also consider investing in an audit or some way to make sure that those numbers are as defendable as you can.

Because a buyer is going to come in and say, “great you've got these numbers but how defendable are they?” The buyer will come in and really scrutinize these numbers.

So, investing in an audit, and/or regularly perform audits is one simple way to improve your Value Builder Score as it relates to Financial Performance.

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