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The Secret To Spectacular Performance

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Wow, what a spectacular game! 2015 Super Bowl – America’s most spectacular sporting event of the year, and for many of the players the highlight of their career.

As with the game yesterday, often time in big finals, it is seconds and inches that determine who will win and who will lose. It’s spectacular to watch!

But there is also something that we don’t witness during those spectacular games...

The Secret We Don't See

We don’t see the unspectacular performances for hours on end every single day. In other words, we don’t see all the training that goes into such a spectacular performance.

Many of these athletes are waking up before dawn and putting in hours and hours of training. They invest countless hours pushing their minds and bodies further than others are willing to go. They hold themselves to the strictest of diets and are fiercely protective of their sleep and rest.

Why? Because they know the investment in those thousands of hours of unspectacular performances will yield a tremendous return when the championship moment presents itself.

The truth is that spectacular performance is the result of rigorous, disciplined and essentially unspectacular preparation.

Whether we are an athlete, an executive or a business owner, we can’t succeed without training.

But Even Training By Itself Is Not Enough

For us to be truly successful, our entire lifestyle needs to be in support of reaching our goals. The same way we won’t reach our weight goals if we exercise every day, but eat junk food at the same time, in the same way we won’t reach our goals if we let unproductive habits manipulate our success (even though we might be working very hard for it).

In order to reach our business goals we not only have to be good at our work, but our entire lifestyle needs to be aligned and in support of our goals. The way we eat, sleep, rest, do our daily activities, it all matters if we want to reach your goals.

Back to the sport analogy – It is the sum total of all those daily unspectacular performances that allow you to be spectacular when the big moment arrives.

We Are Constantly In Training

We have to realize that we are constantly in training. If after you read this article you go to Facebook or play angry birds, you are training … training yourself to be mediocre. We are the sum total of our habits and habits that go unchecked become ruts.

Ruts and bad habits don’t make people successful. They won’t help us grow our business, land a promotion, nail the presentation or if we’re in sales, get us to the President’s Club.

So as we are working on our business and towards our goals, we need to take inventory of every aspect of our lives and become aware that, right now, there are bad habits that keep us from being successful.

We might think that these habits are not necessarily related to our goals, but they are! We have to realize that under pressure, we do not rise to the occasion; rather we sink to our level of training.

Questions We Need To Ask Ourselves...

And if that is true then we have to ask ourselves: How well trained am I to follow my strategic plan? To debrief at the end of the day and plan for tomorrow? To do my minimum daily activities? To measure and track results? To make sure I eat properly? Get enough sleep? Etc.

We can’t just look at the hours we are “officially working” but we need to start to take every aspect of our lives into account. Only then can we move powerfully towards our goals – and achieve them!

To your success,

Simon Zryd, Productivity and Business Coach

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