Melissa Rickman, Owner of Wholly Stromboli


Kristi Garcia, Owner of KRD of Tax & Consulting


Zuben Bastani, Owner of Flyer Connect


Marla Tenney, Owner of Shakti Whole Health



Dr. Jennifer Andrade, Elevate Health Chiropractic, LLC - Lakewood, CO


Steven and the team at Denver Business Coach are true professionals. They take pride in what they do and it shows. They provide valuable knowlege, experience, ideas, strategies and most importantly accountability to your business. As a newer business accountability has been a challenge for me and Steven has helped me immensely in this area. Steven has also been instrumental in helping me to streamline processes, grow revenue and create a business and a brand that is unique and valuable in the marketplace. If you are looking to start a business and don't know where to start or if you are seasoned business owner that is looking to increase revenues or create an exit strategy you need to talk to Steven at Denver Business Coach!

Myriah .jpeg

Myriah Shimatsu, Owner Movement 1st Wellness


Steven at Denver Business Coach  has been great to work with! The accountability and refreshing ideas are always on point. It helps as a small business owner to feel like you have a team in your corner..

Matt Kenfield testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Matt Kenfield, Owner Elite Entertainment


Over the last several years I continued to be in a cycle with my business that wasn't changing. I decided to bring on Steve and Simon to help consult and coach me on overall employee management as well as the future success of the business.


They've been wonderful and have pushed me to think outside the box, while understanding and staying true to the way I wanted to run my company. They have been extremely helpful with their solutions, documents and navigation through tricky times.


Dr. Elizabeth Kincaid, Owner Alphaback Chiropractic & Massage


Simon's professional work has helped me grow my business and evaluate the needs in a structured and achievable process! He is dedicated and supportive of advancing to the next level. That has helped us move through decision making and continuously evaluate the best path forward.  

Jeff Althaus testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Jeff Althaus, Althaus Law 

Steven and Simon are both awesome at what they do. Steven has been working very closely with my law firm over the past year to help us increase revenue, hire new employees, and has even helped us through the purchase of a new office space. I highly recommend their expertise.


Ryan Elam testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Ryan Elam, Local Eyes Video Production


Steven, Simon, and the rest of the Denver Business Coach crew have been a fantastic resource for my business and myself over the past year. They are knowledgable, easy to work with, and truly care about my success. Since working with DBC, my business has taken huge strides in both overall growth and strategy.


Oasis testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Lisa Theard and Daphne Jean, Certified Senior Advisor®


We cannot overstate how much help Simon Zryd has been to us in our fledgling business. We are a 2-person operation and neither of us had previously owned a business. Had we started working with Simon from the beginning, we believe we’d be much further along in growth and profitability. We have a unique business helping seniors and their families find the right senior living community when it’s time to make a move. Simon really took the time to understand our industry and our business model, which is key because ours does not follow the typical selling process or cycle. While we had some experience with running a business, Simon helped us set goals, implement a process to achieve those goals and track our progress. While this may seem basic to some business owners, we’ve found that you can get so caught up in the day-to-day activities that you lose sight of your overall goals. Simon has helped us develop great business processes so we can meet the day-to-day needs and, also, have time to establish, work on and achieve our goals. Our business has increased 163% since we started working with Simon less than 2 years ago. He is easygoing but focused and firm. He holds us accountable and we need that focus and support. We would, and do, recommend Simon to any business owners with whom we come into contact.



Janelle Walters, Knight Mechanical

Our company has had alot of success over the years and we feel so fortunate to have such an outstanding team, that being said going into 2018 we were looking to restructure being that we are a small family owned buisness our resources were limited. I knew we needed a clear plan to get us to the goals we set out for ourselves. Although, we were working hard and putting in long days the progress was slow & we quickly became overwhelmed. I had the privilege of meeting Steven and quickly felt a connection to the way he spoke about his buisness & his passion for helping other buisnesses succeed. We have had a crash course in buisness & I am extremely satisfied with the progress we have made thanks to his attention to detail, flexibility and determination. We have surpassed the goals we set out to accomplish and are continuing on to even more. I tell all my friends about Denver Buisness Coach and will continue to refer this team. You will not be disappointed!


Marissa Parchman testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Marissa Parchman, Timeless Laser & Beauty Bar 

I have worked with Simon for over a year now and my business wouldn't be where it is today without his support. Simon has a passion and skill for helping others and a unique approach to problem solving. Simon continues to help me and my business grow and overcome obstacles that times I though I might not overcome. I am proud to call Simon a mentor and friend and will continue to refer him to anyone who is starting or trying to grow their business.


Zuben Bastani testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Zuben Bastani, Founder & CEO Flyer Mobile App


Simon focuses on results and moving the big rocks out of the way. Since our initial meeting I've become happier, less stressed and more confident about the decisions we're making. I love that he's able to bring broad industry experience to our unique problems.

Taylor Ferguson testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Taylor Ferguson, Function First Chiropractic

Simon and his staff are a terrific resource for any business owner in the Denver area. I have worked with him multiple times and he has provided perspective as well as strategies to help me navigate situations we all face as business owners and entrapeneurs. He has a vast knowledge about so many business models and companies I guarantee he can help you. I have and will continue to refer him to anyone I know with questions about their business!


Jessica Young testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Jessica Howell-Young, Fort Collins Dog Wizard

I own and operate a premier dog training company in northern Colorado. We started with Simon and his team about 1.5 years ago, and this is the best money I have ever spent on my business! We are growing rapidly, and it's amazing to have someone help guide us through the process of adding employees, streamlining services, and maximizing our capacity (just to name a few). We would not be doing as well as we are, in relaxed and confident way, without the help of the Denver Business Coach team!


Kelley Del Duca testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Kelley Del Duca, Impressions Print And Mail

Hindsight is 20/20! I started my business a few years ago with a partner because she had past experience. It didn't take long to discover that it was a bad fit but I lacked all of the business knowledge I needed to move forward with much more than the best of intentions. Luckily, I met Simon through my BNI chapter. To be very frank, I was nervous about hiring him to help me. I had no experience with business coaches and it seemed like a lot of money to be "spending" at a time when the money was tight already. I could not have been more wrong. Simon is the best investment I have ever made in my business. He created a structure that makes my work so much easier and is helping me to create a business that can withstand growth. In the past year, my numbers have doubled. Simon is a huge part of that. Had I known at the beginning what I know now, I have no doubt that I would be so much further along than I am now. A good business coach, like Simon, will cost you SO much less than a partner. Call him. You will be so glad that you did.


Amir Ronen testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Amir Ronen, General Manager Metrolocks Denver

I've been meeting with Simon twice a month for a year and a half now and I'm extremely satisfied with the results. During that period business has doubled in size and I hired my first employee. I have to credit a lot of that to Simon's coaching. He significantly improved my organization, planning and time management skills and completely improved my business mindset. When I'm productive I can do more with less, but the best part about it is that I'm less stressed about business and life in general. If you're an entrepreneur, I highly recommend working with Simon Zryd.


Carrie Stone, Carrie Stone Chiropractic

Simon was terrific to work with! He helped me write and implement a timeline to find a business opportunity in Charleston, South Carolina and kept me focused on my goals and moving forward. We made it and I couldn't have done such a big move/change without Simon's help to get me organized! Thanks Simon!

Brent Easton - Haro Trucking

Since taking on this marketing system to assist in our strategic direction my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52K per month! I would like to say it was a difficult process but it was quick and simple. Over the next 12 months, my goal is to take revenues to $100K per month and I believe it will absolutely happen thanks to all the done-for-you advertising and marketing resources afforded to me for my low monthly fee.

Vincent Grandi testimonial for Denver Businss Coach

Vincent Grandi, Realtor / Team Leader, Coldwell Banker Residential Broker

I am extremely pleased with the services I received from Simon. Simon has helped my business to become more efficient and productive on a daily basis with his organizational tools.   As my business and team was growing this past year, I found myself with new challenges that I was struggling with.  Simon introduced me to some very specific systems that I have implemented into my daily schedule that has helped me to become more organized and profitable with my business and as a Team Leader.   His technical knowledge and caring personality work hand in hand together and I highly recommend Simon to assist you in your business.  

Theresa Falvey, Owner State of Grace

I started my business just a little over a year ago with not a lot of knowledge of business and how to keep a business going once it's up and running. The initial 2-3 hour meeting was absolutely amazing.


Simon truly took the time to get to know me as a person and my business as well as what my goals were. I committed to 3 months of meeting with him weekly. At this time I was also working a part-time job and one of my goals was to put plans in place to be able to leave that part-time job and we accomplished that goal within 3 months. 


Simon has helped me realize how tracking and spreadsheets are very important to business and so much more. I would still be working my part-time job and trying to run my business if I didn't have his help. He knows what he is doing and knows how to push you to get you where you want to be.


I now meet with him when I am struggling or feeling stuck and we again work together to put plans in place to find a resolution. I am grateful for his craft.

Louise Pumphrey, Wealth Strategies Group


Simon has a knack of connecting to the unique core of a specific challenge an individual may be facing, enabling them focus and execute.

Even through short period of engagement, something did sink in.  I not only attained the goal I had set, but exceeded it. I reached 312% of my production target for the first quarter of 2015.  As of June 2015, I made my company's Leaders' Club and working towards next club level.

Deb Musgrave, Independent Music Professional


In my first hour with Simon, without expecting such a big breakthrough, I made major changes to my business plan and became clear and motivated to go in a much more productive direction for my goals.


I've been in the personal development and growth industry for over 25 years and have had the privilege to work personally with some of the leaders in the industry over the years. There are many people who have gone through different personal empowerment seminars and trainings and now call themselves business and life coaches.


There is a difference between someone who has an intellectual understanding of the concepts used in coaching, and someone who has the ability to tune in to each individual and be able to come up with a custom road map for someone's success.


Simon is one of the rare ones that has walked the walk and has a deep understanding of human nature such that he can truly help navigate business owners through the details of daily life into the manifestation of their dreams that can come true. Consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to work one on one with Simon.

Brigitte Ades, Senior Director BNI Colorado


When you are serious about stepping into your greatness and gaining control of your life, Simon Zryd is the guy for you! His training, coaching and tools will assist you in taking your business as well as every aspect of your life to the next levels.


If you want to get results in your life - Simon can help you get them.

Alayna Freese, Empathic Healing Method


Simon is opening my mind to the possibilities of my business and helping me to see and understand exactly what I need to do, step by step. For me, all of the complexities that go into growing one's business just spin around in my mind like random asteroids, threatening to crash into each other. Of course, this accomplishes nothing. Simon has a way of taking all of that disorder and chaos, and presenting it to me one by one, in baby steps, which takes a ton of pressure off! And actually leads to results! 


Simon is creative, intuitive, an excellent problem solver, and extremely tuned in with his clients and their business. You can tell that he is tailoring everything to you. He also has an incredible, immediate sense for marketing a specific business and how current, or potential customers think. I have already learned so much in just a month or so of working with him. In just the first few weeks of taking a few simple steps laid out for me by Simon, I saw a quick influx in business that I hadn't seen before. I cannot wait to see what the future of working with Simon brings to my business.

Melissa Durgin, Five Roads Acupuncture

Before Simon, my business felt like a tornado of chaos that I had no control over. Now we are developing systems for everything and I finally can think about my business without a sense of panic. The best part is his calming and caring demeanor and his genuine love for his work comes through. Thank you Simon!

Brandon Donovan, Owner Colorado Security Company


I can't explain how much Simon had made an impact working with me and my business. He truly is an amazing helping hand that guides me and helps me lead my company. Every business owner needs a coach to help take a step back from the business and look at it from an outside perspective.

Eric Hunsberger, Certified Professional Health Coach

I know 20 others business that use Simon at Denver Business Coaching. They have not only improved there over all productivity as a business owner, but there profits are on an over all rise. Not to mention what all the employees now feel.


I can tell you from working with Simon that when your done, your business will be running at the highest level it can.

Jay Sarria.jpeg

Jay Sarria President, Palette Painters & Gallery 5280 Designs, LLC

I so enjoyed learning from Simon and having my "eyes opened" to make choices and decisions that will path out my next three years in business and in my personal life as well. I have a sense of clarity and direction. Before my meeting I had tons of ideas and thoughts and now all of these are organized in a chronological time frame. I can focus on the immediate and most important needs and work on other phases as time moves on.