Available Services

Better Business Academy

Facilitated Group Coaching

1:1 Growth Coaching/Advising

Hyper-Focused Chief Executive Partnerships with regularly scheduled meetings

ProfitFirst 90-Day Accelerator

When you need serious cashflow and budgeting help

PF Assessment, Workshop and regularly scheduled workshops

1:1 Starter Pack

Individual "ad-hoc" meeting packages

1:1 Value Builder Specific

1:1 guided use of the Value Builder System

Still a partnership agreement and includes an onboarding workshop

Value Enhancement Accelerator

Full value enhancement advising and consulting

CEPA designated advisor guiding to you for a successful exit

1:1 Start-Up Engagement

Chief Executive Partnership with regularly scheduled mini workshops

Value-Builder Self-Paced Subscription

Unguided use of the Value Builder System Engagement

Onboarding workshop is optional

1:1 meetings are ad-hoc and optional

Value Enhancement Accelerator with Exit Planning

only difference is the DBC CEPA is the center of your exit-planning needs. We'll quarterback the entire team to make sure your exit is exactly what you want it to be within 3 years


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