Denver Business Coach Ep 1: Time Management Is A Myth

In this inaugural podcast from the Denver Business Coach team, Matt, Simon & Steven talk about the myth of time management as a business owner and what the reality is of why you never have enough time in your business and life.


They also talk about and share actionable tips and strategies for different stages of business owners. 


Whether you are a solo-preneur, small business owner with a small team, or a larger business with multiple employees, there is something in this podcast for you to learn and implement.

Denver Business Coach Ep 2: How To Dominate Your Market

A market dominating position. What is is, and how can you position your business so that you can attain one. 

In this short 30 minute installment of the Denver Business Coach Podcast Matt, Simon and Steven talk about a market-dominating position, why it is important for your business and what are some ways you can attain one. 

They also provide some great examples of companies that have attained a market-dominating position and how they did it. Then they go into some examples of how you as a small business owner could begin to put things in place so that you too can attain a market-dominating position now matter how stiff your competition is. 

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Denver Business Coach Ep 3: Why Do You Need KPI's?

What is a KPI and why are they essential for your business?

In this Denver Business Coach podcast, the team at DBC talks about KPI's, what they are and how you can implement them in your business to help your business growth stay steady and on track. 

We also give you some actionable tips and advice that you can take away as well as a tool that we use that can help you see where your business is sitting and how it can get better. 

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