Meet The Team


The Denver Business Coach Team brings over 100 years of coaching and consulting experience ranging from single-owner startups to fortune 100 companies.

Along with our proven tools and strategies, we bring this incredible amount of knowledge and insight to every one of our clients, making sure that every one of our clients succeeds in reaching their goals.



Steven Kohnke

Leadership Coach & Business Strategist


Steven is a Chicago native, a CU graduate with a degree in Psychology & Neuroscience, a Certified Change Management Practitioner, and currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership. He discovered his passion for small business during his undergrad at the University of Colorado at Boulder bootstrapping a summer house painting business. From that point on, he made sure that his studies and experiences lead him down the career path he set his eye on: to help small business owners achieve their own success in however which way they define it.


Each organization is unique in its own way and encounters unique obstacles. That is why Steven takes the time to first and foremost get to know you and your business inside and out. It is necessary to fully understand each unique situation so that the most effective and efficient course of action can be taken.


While each project is unique, his ultimate goal is to set you up for success by working with you to familiarize you with the right processes and systems you need to achieve success in your business for years to come. The world is a better place when small businesses succeed – we’re changing the world, one small business at a time!


Whether your need is in sales & marketing, operational strategy planning, business analysis, leadership development, change & implementation management, or have a must-win project, Steven will work tirelessly to help you and your organization achieve the full potential of your success. 


Steven Kohnke | Denver Business Coach
Darrick Christopher | Denver Business Co
Darrick Christopher

Business Coach and Strategist


Darrick's passion for small business was sparked at his family's marina on Lake Ontario at the age of 14. Whether he was pumping gas at 4 am, flipping burgers or cleaning bathrooms, he learned valuable lessons from his parents and customers about service, integrity and finance.


Since then, Darrick held executive leadership positions in companies ranging from Fortune 500 firms to dynamic startups in a variety of service businesses.  He currently owns and operates a golf course investment and management company.


As part of Denver Business Coach, Darrick loves helping focused, enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business owners get the most out of their business.  Whether you are having challenges with strategy, operations, people, marketing, sales or all of the above, Darrick will work with you to identify root causes of issues and help you develop a path to solutions that make sense.


Darrick has a degree in Management from Clarkson University and an MBA from the Simon School at The University of Rochester with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  Originally from Western New York, he currently resides outside of Denver with his wife Beth, two teenaged children and one overly energetic dog.

Walt Boylan

Business Coach and Strategist


Walt joined Denver Business Coach upon discovering both the firm’s shared passion for small business management, and its track record of success in years of coaching Denver businesses.


Walt’s role as a business coach is to work with owners to help them address the important issues that often take a back seat to the everyday challenges that leaders face in operating a small business. Dedicating time together every month to focusing on these strategic issues is crucial to the ongoing success of their businesses.


Walt will actively listen to your priorities involving Operations, Sales, HR, and Finance, then help you craft a plan to address each area of concern. He draws on his diverse career experience in multiple industries, including key roles in sales, engineering and executive management.


Walt has years of sales and sales management experience in providing technology solutions to small and large businesses. As President of a commercial construction company, he carefully grew revenue through increased focus on customer loyalty practices. His experience also includes engineering roles in manufacturing and product development for Fortune 500 corporations. He is currently involved in his family-owned Education business, selling direct to schools in Colorado and around the country.


Walt earned his MBA from the University of Denver, and received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois. A native of Chicago, Walt has spent most of his career in Denver, and with his wife, Jean, raised three fabulous children. Cycling, playing softball, and non-profit Board and volunteer efforts also fill up his calendar.


WBoylan - Headshot.jpg
Sharon Heller | Denver Business Coach
Sharon Heller

Personal Growth and Leadership Coach


Sharon received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University California Irvine and her Master’s degree in Special Education from Chapman University. She worked for 20+ years in the Special Education field as a teacher, autism specialist, staff trainer, and area coordinator in large district-wide programs in which she supervised, trained, and managed special education teams while working closely with children of all ages and their families.


During her professional career in education, Sharon gained broad experience in training organizational leaders in the implementation of management systems and organizational procedures. She also worked extensively as a liaison, mediator, and consultant for managers and department heads and their teams to assist in creating optimum team relationships to maximize success. 


Sharon’s most recent leadership position was as a Director for a national organization, College Living Experience, during a time of extensive cultural change and corporate restructuring. During her 5 years in this position Sharon was a pivotal leader in her approach to building strong relationships with her staff, students, and families, and continued to refine her skills as a corporate manager and facilitator. 



Sharon is thrilled to be taking her next steps professionally by partnering with her husband, Denver Business Coach owner, Simon Zryd. Along with raising 2 children, Sharon also dedicates her time working for a worldwide meditation organization as a facilitator, program developer, and supervisor for the meditation center’s public offerings department. 

Simon Zryd

Business Coach and Certified Value Builder 


Simon Zryd is the founder of Denver Business Coach, a business strategist and mentor at heart.

Since 2011, Simon helped over hundreds of local business owners and professionals substantially grow revenue and increase profitability through personalized business coaching. Many more have benefitted through workshops, seminars and presentations.


Simon specializes in coaching driven small and medium-sized business owners, who are looking to get out of the hamster wheel of running their business. 


He helps them implement critical changes in the areas of marketing, time, team and system management, so they can finally have a business they love leading and a life they love living.


He works with fun and inspiring individuals who understand the power of commitment and are making, or are ready to make, a big impact in their community. 


He also facilitates various classes and workshops on goal setting, personal and business growth and published his first book, “Successify Your Business – 12 Business And Marketing Secrets all Entrepreneurs Must Know To Build A Thriving Business.”


 Originally from Switzerland, Simon moved to the United States in 2005 and is happily married to his wife Sharon with whom he is raising two inspiring kids. 

Simon Zryd | Denver Business Coach

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Cindy Carrillo, MSW

Business Coach & Strategist


Cindy has been coaching professionally for the past 8 years and has been mentoring and coaching people informally for well over 25 years.  Cindy has worked with leaders and their employees in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, regardless of industry, on leadership development, business development, or any number of professional development needs, depending on their specific situations and stage of business.


In addition to individual coaching, Cindy has conducted Strategic Planning Retreats for Leadership and Executive Teams as well as small group planning and problem-solving meetings for work teams.


Prior to coaching, Cindy was the Founder and CEO of Work Options Group from 1986 until 2009, when she sold the business to a major competitor. Work Options Group successfully developed, marketed, and administered a newly defined employee benefit providing temporary care to the family members of employees, which was highly subsidized by the employers. This allowed the employees to meet their work responsibilities when they had a breakdown in their child or elder care. The benefit was sold to Fortune 100 companies, resulting in the provision of services to over 1 million employees when the company sold.

With over 40 years of business experience, including private enterprise, retail, non-profit, and government sector work, Cindy has developed significant leadership and management skills, has strong fiscal management and organizational development expertise, and has developed a proficiency in mentoring, coaching, meeting facilitation and public speaking.


Currently living on a 35 acre Ranch in beautiful Ridgway Colorado, Cindy brings her full business, leadership, mentoring, and now…ranching work ethic, to each and every coaching session.