Monthly Recurring Revenue Webinar Series

Recorded - January 14th, 2021

Part 1: Introduction to Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) - the WHY

Learn why a valuable business has an MRR strategy.

Understand that EVERY business has the ability to integrate one.

Learn why MRR models are successful (when done right!).

Steven Kohnke


Recorded - January 21st, 2021

Part 2: The Nine MRR Models - the WHAT

Learn exactly what each of the 9 models are and what types of businesses suit each model best. Customize and combine models to create your own version.

Pros and cons of each model for your business.

Steven Kohnke


Recorded - January 28th, 2021

Part 3: Implementing Your New MRR Strategy - the HOW

Determine how to integrate one (or more) of the nine[9] models into your business.

Understand the approach you should take to implement the strategy.

Understand how to manage your strategy after the implementation.

Steven Kohnke


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