The 8 Drivers of Business Value

While you wait for us to contact you about reserving your spot, watch the videos below about the 8 Drivers of Business Value and learn a bit more about the areas we will focus on in the Mastermind

Value Driver #1:

Financial Performance

What is a "financial buyer" really buying? The future Stream of profits

Value Driver #2:

Growth Potential 

Growth potential is about your company's potential ability to scale up and grow into the future. Business owners inadvertently make their businesses hard to scale. We'll discuss how you can avoid this

Value Driver #3:

Switzerland Structure

How independent are you from any 1 customer, supplier, or employee? The goal is neutrality. 

Value Driver #4:

The Valuation Teeter-Totter

This one dries your company's value. The buyer writes two checks when they buy your business: One to you, the owner, and the other to the business as working capital. The bigger the latter, the smaller the former

Value Driver #5:

Recurring Revenue

A recurring revenue model gives the buyer more confidence in the reliability of your future stream of profits. 

Value Driver #6:

Monopoly Control

How differentiated is your business from the others?

Value Driver #7:

Customer Satisfaction

Having satisfied customers is an important element of growing a valuable business. Calculate your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Value Driver #8:

Hub & Spoke

Arguabuly the most important, this is the degree to which your business relies on you, the owner. The more reliant, the less valuable.