Small Business Marketing Tools


Developing Marketing Messaging Headlines

This is a DIY packet that walks you through how to identify your target market and then a step-by-step guide to develop 30 attention-grabbing headlines to be used in your awareness campaigns


Create Your Own Marketing/Sales Funnel

Use this tool when you need to develop a sales and marketing plan to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We provide a great example to help you with some ideas!


Build Your Marketing Story Script

This tool uses Donald Miller's StoryBrand 7 Framework to help you create a story script that will capture the attention of visitors to your website. You can use this story on your home page, or develop a specific story for a specific marketing campaign

Would you like some guidance with these tools and templates?


Guide to Building Strong Strategic Partners

Use this tool when you are looking to expand on your strategic partnerships marketing strategy. Inside we have email templates, meeting structures, and agendas, as well as a strategic partner "funnel" to help you visualize improving the stages of partnership development