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Inbound Sales vs. Outbound Sales

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Inbound vs. Outbound Sales Strategy

The two over-arching types of sales strategies are inbound and outbound.

As the names imply,

INBOUND strategies are those for prospects that have found you and are coming into your business on their own. These prospects are further along in their journey to make a purchase.

OUTBOUND strategies are for those prospects that YOU go FIND in a "cold outreach" or otherwise campaign. These prospects are not as far along the buyer's journey, and can sometimes not even be aware they need/want the solution you provide.

Outbound Sales Strategies are typically more difficult for a small business to get to work. Here is an outbound sales strategy outline you can use to help you create your own outbound sales strategy:

  1. Start by creating your target audience, or your avatar by understanding the demographics and psychographics of the customer that can REALLY benefit from your offering.

  2. Design a step-by-step campaign process with enticing, well-worded messaging.

  3. Pro tip - this is NOT a bunch of emails... get creative in reaching your audience and select 3-5 different channels at a minimum to get their attention. Chances are they won't even glance at your offering until the 7th attempt. STAND OUT!!!!!

  4. At every single interaction, make sure you are providing value, and not just asking for a sale. Give them something if you expect anything in return.

  5. Make sure you have CTAs (call-to-action) that allow your prospects to make super easy micro-commitments

  6. These allow you to build trust, and get you to know and like you!

  7. After 1-3 micro-commitments, begin the sales process and ask for a sale.

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