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The Steps To Successfully Onboard New Employees

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

There are many things we don’t learn in school about how to run a business. One of them is how to effectively bring on a new employees and set them up for success. As your business grows, it will naturally require more people to carry out the work and new skills will be required to handle a wider range of business activities and developing technology. We need to have new employees in place in good time to meet increased demand, and we need to provide opportunities to develop, train and promote our existing staff. So what kind of process should we have in place to be off to a great start with our new employee?

1. Create A Picture Of What A Job Looks Like When It Is Being Done Well

When setting up a new employee often times business owners only focus on explaining the tasks that need to get done. However, from an employee’s perspective it’s very important to understand the “why” and the “how.” Make sure you spend enough time talking about the vision, mission and values of your business. Then explain how your new employee will be an integral part in the business' success. Explain why this position exists in your company and he/she is the perfect fit for this position.

2. Clearly Define Performance Expectations

Your employee must know what is being expected of him/her. Best is to have these expectations in writing. This document should include:

  • Overall job description (purpose of the job)

  • Description of key relationships (who to report to, who is reporting to you, team members, etc)

  • Key Areas of Responsibilities

  • Key Performance Indicators (clear performance goals)

  • Overview of Daily Activities (if they are defined for the position)

(Note: If you would like a get a template of for this kind of document, just send me a quick email at simon@successandcommunication.com)

3. Train Your New Employee

No one can jump right in and perform at maximum capacity. I have seen so many times that people get hired, given a quick overview of what needs to happen and then they are left to themselves to figure out how to navigate within the company and get their job done.

When I speak to the business owner they often say they don’t have time to “train.” Yes, a lot can be accomplished by a well written Operations and Training Manual, but there still has to be a “hands on” training process in place if we want the new employee to be quickly integrated and start carrying significant weight. Developing successful employees starts with accountability and clearly defined performance goals.

As business owners we must create clear, specific performance expectations that support our business’ vision and overall objectives. Without clearly defined performance goals, we cannot determine if it is the person or the process that must change when we are not meeting our goals. Just as businesses have changed dramatically over the last few decades, so have the people’s attitudes to their employers – and the attitudes of the most talented people are no exception.

To build a successful enterprise it is vitally important to be able to find, attract and retain top quality employees. Not only are your employees the most decisive and expensive resource, they also determine the success of every activity in your business.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to implement a Performance Incentive Plan or KPI Measurement System into your business or have general questions about setting up your employees to succeed.

To your success!

Simon Zryd, Business And Productivity Coach

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