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How To Have A Breakthrough When You Want To Give Up

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Every successful person I have ever met had to battle the feeling of wanting to give up. The reality is that someone who wants to build a successful business has to be prepared to tolerate a great deal of difficulty. Building a successful business is a challenging task, and at times it requires everything we’ve got. So how does one tolerate and overcome the challenges and adversities? It comes back to one thing: Desire.

We tolerate everything that is coming our way because of our desire. Desire for what? That is different for everyone of us. The only thing that is important is that you are crystal clear why you are building a business. If you know the “why” then no matter how difficult it becomes our desire will see you through.

What Is Giving Up?

Giving up is when you become so discouraged about your current circumstances or you get caught in fear of what you need to do next that you stop working on your business. You start to believe, for whatever reason, that you will not or cannot overcome the particular obstacle that is now in front of you on your journey to success. Giving up is when your obstacles seem so bad and so insurmountable that you get stuck. What is actually happening is that you start taking a stand for what is impossible rather for what is possible.

Never Give Up

Never giving up isn’t something that we only need to practice when we have big decisions in front of us, like whether or not to continue with our business. In fact, if that is the only time we try to practice not giving up, our “muscles” are not going to be strong enough. We need to practice the muscle of never giving up consistently. The practice happens in the day to day – in the small things that come up every day.

Let’s say we commit to a certain morning routine, because we know that this routine can help us be more productive. Of course there are mornings when we don’t feel like following our routine, but it’s in those little “battles” that we can exercise our Never Give Up muscle. If we don’t learn to stick to something comparatively small (compared to whether or not we should continue with our business) how are we going to face big challenges? Often time we don’t realize that it’s the little things we resign to – mostly commitments we have made to ourselves –that in the end rob us of the strength to tackle the bigger things.

3 Steps to Having A Breakthrough

Usually when we feel like giving up, it means that we have come up against something that we don’t know how to move forward from. Our usual Mode of Operation is not sufficient to overcome the obstacle. While we often experience a situation like this as very frustrating, what it really means is that we have either reached the end of our comfort zone, or the end of our knowledge/skill levels, and it actually is a perfect opportunity for further growth. I love this simple quote:

“You will never accomplish more than what your beliefs will allow.”

So instead of being frustrated, resigned and wanting to give up, we need to change perspective and take proactive steps. Here are three powerful steps you can take when you are confronted with wanting to give up.

  • Get some distance. Take a couple of days off and experience yourself outside of your usual environment. Connect to your purpose and what you are trying to accomplish in life.

  • Talk to people who fully support you and your goals. If you have not already, make sure you have a Mentor, Coach or a Mastermind Group that is a stand for your success.

  • Never Give Up. The only way you will fail is if you give up. As long as you continue and take the next step, you will succeed and you will build the business you deserve to have.

Remember that it is in the little things, the little commitments that we make to ourselves, where we can exercise our muscle to never give up. So when you are having an internal battle about whether or not to follow your morning routine, or marketing program, or whatever else you have committed yourself to doing - remember that these things are a perfect training ground for the big challenges that you have to overcome on the road to success.

To your success, Simon Zryd, Productivity and Business Coach

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