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Have More Influence by Be-ing Yourself

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

When you ask small business owners what it would take for them to make a bigger impact, it’s normal for them to most of them to jump straight to evaluate their skills. For example they may say something like:

  • “I’d have to improve my sales presentation.”

  • “I need to become a better manager.”

  • “I have to get more involved with the financials of my business.”

And the list goes on and on...

While there is no question that technical skills affect your ability to make a bigger impact as a business owner, even more powerful changes come when we are focusing on how we are showing up, how we are be-ing as we do what we do.

What Does It Mean – Be-ing?

Without going into too much detail (that would be an entire book in and of itself) most of us have a tendency to compare ourselves to others. We look at other people who may be more successful, more driven, more beautiful, or who possess some other quality we desire, and we try to become just like them.

If we are not comparing ourselves to others, then we might be comparing ourselves to the idea we have of ourselves and how we like to be. We think that by achieving that place, or being just like the other person we will surely find more success or be happier.

But we forget one important thing, every one of us is a unique being. We are here to experience life in our own unique way. Where we find success is by accepting ourselves unconditionally and then express ourselves fully and authentically.

The more we are able to be ourselves, the more we will affect the world around us and the people with whom we interact. Of course this has a tremendous impact on our business as well.

Why It Matters to Be Authentic

While traditional sales and marketing would talk about features of a product and service, more advanced marketing talks about the benefits a product/service might have for the prospect. It positions the value a customer receives from the purchase.

But more than that I think that as human beings what we really want is connection with each other. If we are authentic we are able to communicate and connect with people way beyond what “good marketing/sales” scripts could ever do.

The people you are coming in contact with will be more engaged. Human beings crave connection with each other. Being authentic is like opening up an expressway for connecting with others. When you are fully expressing yourself, your clients feel deeply connected to you.

However, when you’re busy acting like how you "think" a successful business owner or manager would act, your client’s minds might be engaged by what you’re saying. But their hearts won’t be connected to you or the material you’re presenting.

And simultaneously we ourselves feel more comfortable with ourselves because we are not trying to keep up a façade that is not truly us. We are not putting on a show, we are just authentically being ourselves and have nothing to hide and don’t carry a feeling of “not good enough” with us. You’ll accomplish so much more. Being connected with yourself allows you to think quality thoughts and not be distracted.

You will be more effective. And with your mind clear, you’ll be able to live in the moment. This allows you to more easily tune into exactly what you need to say or do to help your students shift. Although being well-prepared is a professional way to approach your business, experienced coaches and consultants know that their best results often come when they go off-script, adjusting their presentation, delivery and exercises to suit what is happening in the room.

Becoming More Authentic

Learning to be ourselves doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. And in this process we not only need self-acceptance and love, but we also need outside help.

We can’t see our blind spots. Sometimes we are so convinced that how we see certain things is the absolute truth, and if we don’t have someone who challenges us and offers new perspectives it would be very difficult to bring true awareness to the situation.

We all can be better business owners whether we learn technical skills, leadership or managerial skills, or we simply get to know ourselves better.

There are many clients who are just waiting for you to serve them. We are in business because we strive to make an impact. The more you strive to simply be yourself, the more they will be able to connect with us … and the more easily we’ll be able to serve in the way we are meant to.

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