Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a business coach?

someone who helps you with business

For how long would we work together?

at least a year

How much do you cost?

depends on size and scope of the business and the needs of the business. call us to get a better understanding for your specific needs

Do you have a confidentiality disclosure statement?


What is your process?

Do you specialize in any particular area of business?

building better, valueable businesses that can be used as an asset for you.

How do you evaluate progress?

  1. At a certain level of engagement, we have an “included” 2-hour Quarter Review, that aligns with our “progress reports” where we determine what has been working, what has not been working, and what we need to do for the next 90 days to improve and better reach our goals & outcomes.We also take the first meeting of each month to do a quick numbers check in with revenue and sales… we go through the profit&loss statement (at a minimum) as well as our marketing ROI and conversion rates to understand line items etc to make better decisions in the coming months. In both occurrences, we ask our clients to ask a quick series of questions and send us financial/sales reports for us to analyze and prepare for our meeting.This is another big reason why the initial immersion phase assessments are so critical… without those first assessments completed, it will be difficult to establish baselines and therefore growth rates

What makes your firm stand out from other coaching firms?

We are extremely well versed in business with over 60 years of collective experience. Each client gets their lead coach, and on the back end we all put our minds together to solve each client issue, this is extremely unique in the coaching industry, where you typically only have a solo practitioner sparsely experienced. We are also very versed in project and change management, and view our clients in this way in order to remain objective and systematical. Each one of our coaches is very analytical, logical, and systematic with an extremely high IQ, EQ, and BQ. There is literally no firm that has such a unique yet structured approach to our clients’ success… and it shows.

Do I need a business coach?


When should I get a business coach?

when you can actually afford it

What is the difference between a "business coach" and an "executive coach"?

one is broad spectrum, the other is specific to the individual and their affect on the business as well as the people they lead