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Can We Speed Up Success?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

As business owners we are driven, we want results, and ideally right now. Frequently I get questions like, “Can success be sped up?”, “Is there a remedy to slow outcomes despite meticulous planning and actions taken?”, “How can I see much better results right now?”

Often business owners feel frustrated about how slowly they are progressing on their journey to success. But we have to keep things in perspective:

Often when we admire someone's success we only see the end result and not so much on the effort (and time) that it took to get there.

Because of that skewed perspective we can develop unrealistic expectations. We expect that success can happen very quickly simply by executing a well developed strategy. But the reality is that success typically happens in very small increments – little successes as well as frustration and disillusionment.

And some of these obstacles can challenge us greatly and bring us to the brink of wanting to throw in the towel. But if we focus on what's not working, we are only getting more and more frustrated and enter a deadly spiral of negativity. We might think things like “This was all a big mistake,” “I don’t have what it takes,” “I am a failure.” These thoughts then create feelings, which in return attract more of the negative stuff.

Negative thoughts and feelings will cause more negative experiences and ultimately manifest negative results. Once you are caught in this cycle it is a trap that can be very hard to get out of.

To avoid going down this downward spiral we therefore must focus on what IS working. There are two very powerful practices that I highly recommend: meditation and journaling


Make it a daily habit to meditate. There are many different mediation practices, everyone needs to find the one that works for them. (I practice a meditation practice called, “The Modern-day Meditation.”)

Meditation can be a powerful tool for releasing emotions, calm your mind as well as finding solutions to problems you are currently dealing with.

In meditation you connect with yourself, tapping into a higher level of creativity that will help you see how to overcome the challenges you are currently facing.


Maintaining a journal is a great way to guide your attention to the positive and continually renew your vision for yourself. You can write about things you have accomplished, things you are grateful for, or things you you’d like to manifest in the future.

What To Do When You Are Still Not Succeeding

But what if you are already taking actions, are meditating and journaling, are planning out your days, etc, and you are still aren't happy with your results?

In my years of coaching business owners I know that usually the next area to look at is what kind of actions you are taking. We know that if we keep doing the same things we have done before then we’ll keep getting what we’ve always gotten. So therefore we need to take new actions. We need to do something different, shake things up a bit and do some things outside of our comfort zone.

Remember the Rule of 3

Every day we need to do three specific things that take us toward our goal. Change up the three actions regularly and be open to feedback so you know when you're off course.

Lastly, I want to remind you about being patient. As a business coach I have helped many business owners and I have seen that it is natural to underestimate how long a certain goal can take, especially a profound one.

Patience is important. You have to keep at it, and in no time, you'll be only one week, or one day away from your ultimate success.

Remember... be grateful, reflect on what IS working and continue to take ACTION!

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