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Business Owners: Never Forget Why You're Doing This!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Today, I'm going right for the heart with one of the most dangerous errors I see new business owners make:


Sometimes, in the stress and struggle of building a business, you forget why you started your business in the first place. You forget that you were looking for an opportunity to control your time and own your destiny. You forget your vision for the business and the vision of the lifestyle it would allow you to have.

Yes, it can be tough to remember this stuff day in and day out. But it is important. You cannot forget that your business is your ticket to the life you’ve always wanted to have. You always have to keep in mind that your end goal is creating a business that creates passive income or is sellable.

What is a sellable business? Whether you want to stay involved in your business or you want to sell it, what you need to do is create a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you. Most people do not want to buy a job ;-), nor do you want to keep working a job for the rest of your life.

As you strive to achieve this, here is one advice I would like to give you: Hold onto your dreams. Pursue them passionately. Because the COMMON THREAD I've seen running through the lives of all the successful people I know is that they have a reason for doing what they do--a deeply personal, intensely powerful reason.

Keep your reason in the forefront of your mind, and you WILL achieve it.

It's just the way the world works.

To help you with this, I highly encourage you to create a strong and powerful vision statement for yourself. If you have already written one, take it out now. Go ahead. Read it. Contemplate it. How is what you are working on this week directly related to your vision?

Maybe you see that you are working on some things that are not in alignment with your vision and you need to stop doing them. Right now!

For example, recently I was working with a business owner who spent so much time trying to create processes and systems around an independent contractor who he started working with a while ago. While the independent contractor provided good services, there was cultural misalignment. Instead of finding a person that was also a good cultural fit, my client spent so much time and energy trying to work around this fundamental misalignment.

Where are you not calling a spade a spade and avoid taking the actions your business needs you to take?

Simon Zryd, founder of Denver Business Coach, coaches driven small business owners to implement vital strategies in the areas of marketing, sales, time, team and system management, so they can finally have a business they love leading and a life they love living.

He works with fun and inspiring individuals who understand the power of commitment and are making, or are ready to make, a big impact in their community.

This post was originally published on Denver Business Coach's Blog.

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