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During the "Stabilize Phase" the business now has reached a mature stage. You have solidified your stance in the marketplace, have a strong client base and your growth is more manageable.  You don’t work weekends anymore and maybe enjoy some longer vacations. However, the business is still dependent on you and if you are honest there are still many areas that are not up to your standards.

Common challenges during this phase are: ​​

  • Your employees don’t care as much about their work and the business as you do. 

  • Team dynamics are interrupting productivity.

  • You find that you and your team are lacking the leadership skills needed to create and maintain a superb company culture. 

  • You want to reward your employees for their loyalty and simultaneously you need to attract high-quality professionals. 

  • Every aspect of your business has room for improvement – how do you get your managers to take ownership and drive those improvements? 

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How we support business owners during this phase: 

During this phase, we work with the business owner to truly turn their business into a first-class company. At this stage growth is important but not everything. The importance of building a strong team is critical, otherwise, you as the business owner will never experience the freedom that you hope to have when starting a company. In your own development, you have to transition from a manager to a leader. 

Specifically what we do during this phase:
  • We go back to the basics and develop a Strategic Plan that clarifies the vision, mission, and values of the team as well as the long and short-range goals so everyone is on the same page and pulling together.

  • If it is not established at this point then we create a Work Flow System including an organizational chart and job descriptions. Everyone needs to know exactly what their role and expectation are so the whole team knows what to do to keep the work moving smoothly through the business.

  • System for understanding personality differences and how to improve communication by understanding the psychological profile of your team members.

  • We start to identify and intentionally develop emerging managers and leaders, incentivize their long-term commitment with a profit-sharing plan, and lay the groundwork for your eventual succession.

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