Business Coaching For Growth

You enter the growth phase when you consistently are paying all your bills – your salary included. You have established an initial client base and many of them are repeat customers. You have hired your first employee(s) and are starting to breathe a little easier.  You have a somewhat solid marketing and sales process and your customers start referring business your way. 

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Common challenges during this phase are: ​​

  • The demands on your time are still significant. Though now it’s more your customers who are taking up a lot of it. 

  • The moment you stop working everything comes to halt.

  • It starts to show just how costly the lack of systems is

  • With your new team, you find that there are poor communication and coordination. Often times one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

  • There are still repetitive mistakes in delivery and the quality of your product and service is not consistent.

  • Your spouse/family wants more of your attention which creates a lot of tension

How we support business owners during this phase: 

At this point, it becomes important that the owner realizes that they can’t continue to grow the business by “doing more” themselves. We introduce the importance of systems and working towards building a business model where the business is not dependent on the owner. 

We support in hiring an initial team, start defining roles and responsibilities and specifically how to manage that team. 

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Specifically what we do during this phase:​
  • We develop and optimize your Marketing Plan. Our focus is on measuring to optimize.  We track leads, conversion rates, average revenue-per-customer, and transactions.

  • We develop a high-performing sales force by scripting their approach, coordinating their activity with the right CRM system, measuring their activity, and tying their results to their paycheck.

  • With the owner, we focus on learning how to delegate. We identify the low-value tasks that you don’t like doing anyway and train team members to do them for you so you can focus on the things that make you money.

  • We develop a Financial Plan which forecasts your cash flow, determines your working capital requirements, and calculates your ability to pay back debt and make a profit for investors (if you have any.)

  • We create the right Meeting Rhythm of regularly scheduled team meetings for goal setting, reporting, and accountability. We identify what meetings should take place on a daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual basis

  • Metrics are key. It’s time to develop a Key Performance Indicators System that measures and reports the key activities in the business so everyone knows how their efforts are contributing to the business's success – or not.

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