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Our Team Has Experience In Their Own Businesses from Start-up to Exit

Growing your business with the purpose of exiting, is a really smart business strategy 

Most business owners will really only focus on growing the revenue and/or profit of their business. While this is important, it is not the only thing that makes a business valuable and enjoyable to own. We're deeply experienced with growing businesses with the intent to exit. Whether it is 2 years from now, or 20 years, growing your business with the intent to exit is a very smart business strategy

When you are looking to bring on a coach, advisor, or consultant for your small business, it is important to understand their background so that they have real experience, not just certifications, and formal training. Rest assured, our team has walked the walk and will guide you in achieving your goals faster.

You will work with and build a strong relationship with the best-fit coach/advisor on our team one-on-one. At the same time, we meet as a team each and every week to discuss client challenges, so you really have all of us working on your business. When it becomes necessary, we will bring in other team members to help more hands-on with your business, at no additional expense to you!

"Over the last several years I continued to be in a cycle with my business that wasn't changing. I decided to bring on Denver Business Coach to help consult and coach me on overall employee management as well as the future success of the business. They've been wonderful and have pushed me to think outside the box, while understanding and staying true to the way I wanted to run my company. They have been extremely helpful with their solutions, documents, and navigation through tricky times."

- Matt Kenfield, CEO at Elite Entertainment

We will work with you designing and developing the strategy and assisting you with the execution of the plan. We'll be your true business partner on your journey to creating a valuable and profitable company, one that can thrive without you!

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After we determine there is indeed alignment, we will schedule a more in-depth free consultation with a team member to begin building a strategy and set expectations. This is when we'll determine to move forward with an engagement, or not

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We use this time to determine the right "fit" to make sure your goals are aligned with our teams' capability. We are sure to take plenty of time up front to make sure it truly makes sense to work together.

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At Denver Business Coach, we help you build a valuable business that you can one day exit successfully

Build a Valuable Business that can thrive without you

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