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Back to Normal? Why That’s Not What Most Business Owners Want

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The impact of coronavirus on the small business community has been devastating so far. And there is still a long road ahead.

I think I can speak for most business owners when I say that they have been asking themselves whether it’s even worthwhile trying to keep the business alive. In certain industries the path to recovery is steep and full of uncertainty.

The talk in the media right now is all about “going back to normal.” Interestingly us coaches at Denver Business Coach had quite different conversations over the last week.

Most of the business owners here in Denver shared that if they are completely honest, their life as a business owner before the pandemic was not all that great to begin with. They worked long hours and were constantly dealing with problems in their business. Going back to how things were before was not enticing to them at all.

Those owners shared that they were making compromises that compromised the quality of life, robbed them of the joy and the desire to continue to grow their business. Some examples mentioned were how employees were not upholding the standards that the owners had set. Some clients were unreasonably demanding and were constantly making it difficult to set up streamlined processes.

But now having time to reflect, owners acknowledged that they were a key part in perpetuating those problems.

With the realization of how difficult the journey ahead is going to be, business owners need to create a new vision for themselves and their business. This vision needs to be an inspiring one. One that can unlock the power of the all-out effort, the innovative creativity and single-minded determination that will be needed for its achievement.

This vision arises from taking time to reflect. It’s never been a better time to do a thorough SWOT Analysis, and truly take time to ask those critical questions. Only from there can a new picture emerge that is grounded in analysis and high-quality thinking.

There is no doubt that the businesses that are going to emerge successfully are going to be the ones that innovate, that adapt and that make necessary adjustments as the future is going to look a lot different than we thought even a few weeks ago.

If you would like help with examining your business, conducting a SWOT analysis and/or charting the best path forward, we are here to help.

The Denver Business Coach Team

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