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A Critical Discipline To Control Your Mind

One of your greatest allies when it comes to increasing your productivity is your mind. The tricky part is that your mind can also be your greatest enemy. Often times we just assume that our mind is us, is who we think we are and that we don’t have any control over our thoughts. Even though true mastery of the mind is a life-long journey, there are some simple things you can do to gain more control over your mind.

Most of us hold an immense amount of information in our mind. Our mind has turned into one huge memory disc, not organized, storing all our want to’s, need to’s, shoulds, plans, ideas, reminders, thoughts and dreams. And those things just keep flying to our mind’s forefront at random times over and over again. You can imagine that this creates a lot of unnecessary stress and adds to the feeling of overwhelm. Most of us would agree that the mind is not a very good place to store all of this information and that by using our mind as a memory disc we don’t utilize its full capacity to solve problems and create incredible things.

There are three simple steps that can make a huge difference and will help you start gaining control over your mind.

  1. The first step is to write your thoughts down. It’s the most important step and if you can get in the habit of doing this one, the rest will be easy. When you write things down, it doesn’t have to be long sentences, it can just be a few key trigger words, enough so when you look at it you can recall what it was that you were thinking about.

  2. Then you make a decision about whether it is something you need/want to take an action about and what the specific next action is.

  3. Once you identified the next action, you put a reminder in a system that you trust, and that will remind you at the right time of the action step.

Once you have taken those steps your mind can actually let go of a particular thought and it will start to calm down. Now you will be able to productively think about a certain subject when it is the right time. You are able to be more present in the moment.

Obviously you can’ do this process all day long, that’s why the most important thing is to write it down. If you have a system in place where you debrief your notes regularly, just the fact of writing something down will create the same calming effect to the mind.

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